Aqua Spa 81020 Whirlpool Filterkartusche UK

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Aqua Spa 81020 Whirlpool Filterkartusche

Ospazia 81020 Inflatable Hot Tub Filter Cartridges UK

  • O spazia blow-up Spa Filter
  • Made of paper and PVC
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 9 cm
  • Standards: CE, GS, ETL, CETL, SAA, jet

This is a filtration system that filters limescale and all impurities that can be stored in the water.
The service everyday life of the filtration system will depend upon the amount of impurities in water.
This filtration system for spas Ospazia are made from PVC and paper.
; spas filtration system to filtration system the impurities in water. – Created for spas filtration system for filtering limescale from the water. – for spas made in PVC and paper.
The SPAs filtration system is very useful for filtration system all impurities from your water, as nicely as its scale.
There is to strive for retain the filtration system for cleaning.
It is recommended that the filtration system is changed regularly your inflatable spa.
This filtration system is suitable for spas Ospazia.
Why change the filtration system of my blow-up Spa?
All spas is equipped utilizing varied variety of filters that allow you to rid the water of dirt: Hair, soil insects…
to retain the pleasure of a relaxing after a pure water, we recommend you regularly change this filtration system every 3 months.
This sophisticated filtration system is composed of a higher number of lines than conventional filters.
It thus a lot more filtration system particles, increasing the longevity of your inflatable spa.
Diameter: 100 mm Length: 95 mm, free of a metal top: Closed Bottom: FPT Screw Thread Female (60 mm rrnner Diameter)

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