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Joycoo convenient Electric Air Pump household travel quickly Inflator Deflator for Air Pools,Boats, Airbeds,Air Mattress,Inflated Toy DC 12V/240V UK Plug by using vehicle Adapter and 3 Nozzles

Joycoo Inflatable Hot Tub Pumps UK

  • Support car and home supply: AC 100-240V/DC 12V.
  • 3 different Nozzle to chose: fit your needs, you can buy one get all. Full your different air devices.
  • Multifunction: to be inflator or deflator, save your time and place, all in one
  • Work fast:get full just take few minutes,Suit your air mattress, air bed, pool floats,etc.
  • Easy to carry out for its light weigh, camping outdoor indoor, you will get a excellent Joycoo electric air pump which come with 3 nozzle ,Car adapter and us plug,And 18warranty.

Get one Joycoo electric air pump, become all air No want to wait prolonged time inflated air lounger/air boat/air stool something want to be inflate.
And no longer to worry about the compress.All in one Joycoo air pump

Electric air pump is lightweight and brightness weight model very easy to use.
You can take it by means of you,when you go to swimming, inflate lifebuoy very easy, save time.


Product description

This product is for truck 12volt space use 240V.
when use it, check the port is clean,avoid infect use.
you can use different adapter to meet the different gas.
Connect the electric Trun on the switch, no want spend more time,you can abandon the manuel manipulate one.

*To eliminate the risk, become carry of qualified electrician to repair or replace the damaged cord immediatedly.
*Carefully following the instructions on inflatable item when inflating.
Never exceed recommended pressure, otherwise, serious injury might possibly be caused by the bursting item.
*Do not keep/use the pump in wet condition.
*Never allow sand, smaller rocks,etc, to be sucked into inflation/deflation port when using the pump.
*Never allow within or position the inflation/deflation port toward your eyes when the pump is working.
*Never attempt to put hand or fingers into the inflation/deflation port during any time.
Packing include
1 * Electric air pump
1 * Cable for truck (55”)
1 * Cable by means of UK plug(55” just for cable)
1 * Manual

►Joycoo Portable Electric Air Pump Family Travel Fast Inflator Deflator for Air Pools,Boats, Airbeds,Air Mattress,Inflated Toy DC 12V/240V UK Plug with Car Adapter and 3 Nozzles UK