MAC Intex 29024 Two Towel Thermal Easy-Frame 488cm UK

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MAC Intex Two – Towel Thermal easy-frame 488 cm

Intex 29024 Inflatable Hot Tub Covers UK

  • Helps to keep your pool water warmer by allowing the sun’s rays through! Also helps to minimise debris falling into the pool
  • Available in many sizes to suit your specific pool
  • Size: 470cm diameter (185″)
  • Specifically designed for The Bestway and Intex 16ft Round Inflatable and Metal Frame Pools, but can also be trimmed with sharp scissors or a knife to suit smaller pools

Intex – Solar Pool Cover (4.88m)

This Solar Pool Cover uses the sun to always keep the water in the pool warm.

It floats on the surface of the water in your swimming pool

The cover wil 4.88m circular pools from manufacturers such as Intex, Bestway and o’Blue.

This pool cover also reduces water evaporation by 95% which indicates you wont have to always keep refilling your pool.


  • Helps to always keep your pool warmer
  • For use because of 4.88m hassle-free and easy set and frame pools
  • Trimming may be necessary to suit some pools
  • 120 micron mesh


►MAC Intex Two – Towel Thermal easy-frame 488 cm UK