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5kg multifunctional stabilised chlorine granules with the help of algaecide and shock for swimming pools

Panacea Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals & Water Testing UK

  • Multi functional chlorine granules ideal for killing germs and controlling algae in swimming pools
  • Makes looking after your pool easier by combining chlorine with algaecide and shock in one product
  • Sourced from an EU approved Biocidal products registered supplier
  • Ideal for disinfecting your spa\ Hot tub or pool
  • Fully stabilised to reduce losses from heat and sunshine with minimal effect on pH

5kg Premium Grade Stabilised Chlorine Granules swimming pool and spas together with additional algaecide and shock Low dust granules for safer handling.
This product is a premium chlorine that has much less dust and reduces the chances of inadvertent inhalation.
It consists of real granules not dusty fine powder that can readily blow into eyes etc.
Sourced from a European union approved biocidal product registered company.
Guaranteed free of contaminants.
Full instructions provided.
Ideal for disinfecting your spa or pool.
Fully stabilised against loss due to temperature and sunlight.
Less acidic than cheaper merchandise so less ph plus is needed and no risk to pool or spa hardware.
Ideal for all reliable sided and inflatable spas & all pool types.
Think carefully in advance of risking your spa or pool by buying the cheapest…instead buy Panacea….the best!! Free friendly helpline for any spa or pool questions 01706 522749 (ask for Mike)

►5kg multifunctional stabilised chlorine granules with algaecide and shock for swimming pools UK