VerySpas Selects Mega Spark Inflatable Hot Tub 10-12 Seats UK

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VerySpas Selects Mega Spark Inflatable heated Tub 10-12 Seats

Easypiscine 1241 Inflatable Hot Tubs UK

  • The wellness is within the reach of all with the inflatable health water spa ‘Odissea water-clip’ – 10 inflatable spa seats installed within 10 minutes and an array of digital commands at your fingertips! Never before has it been so easy to enjoy the pleasures of the spa in a group. Warranty: 6 Months. Order your accessories with your WATER CLIP spa and benefit from special offers on shipping charges.
  • Warranty: 6 Months – 1 Year.
  • Brand: Water clip.

VerySpas Selects Mega Spark Inflatable Hot Tub 10-12 Seats UK.  The brand’s 10 Seat circle water’ blow-up Spa health Odissea water-clip is a Model of inventiveness and comfortable. With a size of 240 x 65 cm, it will bring happiness and pleasures of the residence slippers in three steps:

1 – Open
2- inflate
3- bullez

It is as quickly and straightforward as it very much. Blow-Up Spa Water health Odissea 10 places: a compressed version of technologica for highest practical enjoyment

The water’ blow-up Spa health Odissea, utilizing 10 seating and its 1500 litres reinforced PVC ones utilizing a wonderful finishes, is efficiency: 130 hydro-massant powerful, powered by a 600 W Blower, Jets utilizing a 1.9 m3/h filtration pump gives you the feeling of massage as pleasant as possible.

Thanks to the built-in heating of 1.8kW – allowing your water to gain 2 °C per hour – adjust to regulate the temperature up to 41 °C to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of the spa in residence (elimination of toxins, optimum muscle and improves circulation of blood.

To whole entire the buckle, its ingenious system of reversible blower facilitates your spa to benefit from its own inflation inflation system: join your hose on the blower and your spa is for will inflate.

The extraordinary features of blow-up Spa Water health Odissea 10 places: a very comprehensive set of accessories
Your spa Odissea is delivered with: